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Jean-Claude Biver (born September 20, 1949) is CEO, board member, and minority shareholder of Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker. Biver
has been incredibly effective at, and was previously effective in rejuvenating the Replica watches and, each presently owned by Replica watches
Group. Biver can also be recognized for his personal exclusive cheese. Biver s leadership within the Swiss watch business has been
credited as single handedly saving the business from the quartz motion. In 1980, even prestigious Swiss watch brands had a proportion
of 70% much more or much less quartz movements in their collection; because then, the Swiss watch business has staged a outstanding
recovery, with 2008 exports valued at CHF17 billion.
1- How essential is really a manufacture motion to a watch business charging $10, 000 and above for their timepieces?
The manufacture provides towards the brand an access to its personal creativity that is important. A manufacture provides independence
from third component supplier. And final but not least a manufacture produces substance which offers worth towards the brand.
2- I ve read that the Hublot Unico in-house motion was according to the style from the well-known Valjoux ETA 7750. Is this correct?
The silicon escapement is an apparent improvement more than the 7750, but what other improvements had been produced?
It could be a nonsense to style, create and generate an in-house motion according to 7750. 1 would then much better copy and generate
the 7750 because it is these days patent totally free. UNICO is according to the dimensions of 7750. And that s it. For all of the rest
is really a total distinctive and revolutionary motion. patek philippe 5970 The concept to construct UNICO within the exact same dimension than 7750 would
be to allow 1 day to anyone to alter (within the exact same case, exact same dial, exact same hands and so on) from 7750 to UNICO. That
once more is really a total new idea that no brand has ever attempted to create. The significant improvement in comparison to 7750 will
be the column wheel, the double gearing and also the on the side from the dial.
3- How numerous brand boutiques does Hublot have, and just how has this impacted your retail network?
We're opening on the 29th of November in Beijing the 28th boutique within the globe. And on the 3rd of December in the Location Vendôme
in Paris, we'll open the 29th boutique. In 2011 we wish to open 20 much more Hublot boutiques. Amongst them we'll have Los Angeles
(Beverly Hill), Las Vegas, Madison Avenue in New York and Ginza in Tokyo.
4- At what production capacity will be the new Hublot manufacture operating? When do you project complete production capacity to become
accomplished audemars piguet royal oak ?
The new manufacture will allow Hublot to generate as much as 20, 000 movements and watch instances. From Minute Repeater Tourbillon to
5- I ve heard that the Hublot F1 Replica watches are in high demand, is this the case? How did the concept to companion with F1 come about?
We've on objective restricted the to 20% of demand. In other words, we could have sold two, 500 or much more and restricted production
on objective to 500. To be able to produce rarity, exclusivity and worth. The concept came from our discussion with Bernie Ecclestone
and our individuals. The whole F1 plan will be the outcome of a friendship in between Bernie Ecclestone and ourseLouis Vuittones.
6- What are a few of the improvements Hublot has been in a position to understand as a advantage of becoming component from the biggest
luxury group within the globe (Louis VuittonMH)? New manufacture? Acquisition of BNB employees and machines? Any other improvements?
The primary improvement is obviously the internal organisation (logistic, reporting and so on). This improvement has enabled us to
become a lot much more effective in our production line. Moreover we're benefitting from Louis VuittonMH leadership in retail and this
may make the access to leading places a lot simpler. The acquisition of BNB has definitely been facilitated due to Louis VuittonMH, but
even with out Louis VuittonMH we would have proceeded.
7- I ve read which you possess a big collection of, are there any brands apart from Patek or Hublot which you admire?
I adore Patek for their phenomenal and distinctive contribution towards the development of Swiss Watch Creating Art. I also like their
top quality and exclusivity method rolex 116519 . And final but not least I admire their loved ones idea and heritage.
8- Numerous luxury brands have lately begun promoting their goods on-line, do you see Hublot performing this within the subsequent two
to 5 years?
No, we're not going into that path and can stay faithful to our distribution idea according to exclusivity and or selectivity.
9- What's the influence of WISekey smartcard technologies on the counterfeiting of Replica watches?
It allows anyone to immediately check if his watch is fake or not. It allows the owner from the watch to trace the background from the
watch and it allows the owner from the watch to obtain access to a unique, exclusive web website known as Hublotista.
10- Final I looked, Hublot had nearly 200, 000 followers on Facebook. It seems the Hublot has much more Facebook followers than any
other watch brand. How did Hublot get a lot of Facebook followers?
We're among the uncommon top quality watch brands to become extremely active on the web. We currently have two social media
communication managers and we think that web is our future. 1 outcome of this policy may be noticed from the quantity of Fans on
Facebook. We've each year some five, 000, 000 new guests coming for five minutes per visitor on our web site. That s an additional
consequence of our powerful presence on the net.
11- SIHH and Baselworld are just about the corner, any predictions? Are there any Hublot teasers or info you are able to share using
the readers?

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